Mail User AgentThe major feature of our application is providing you with a very fast native Mail User Agent, integrated with GMail, HotMail, OperaMail and YahooMail, specifically designed for DNS tunneling.

BrowserAnother main feature of our application is an optimized Browser. To be very fast, it does not download images, JavaScript, Cookies nor Cascading Style Sheets.

Port RedirectionAny legacy mail agent or browser will also work using TCP port redirection: we offer access to a full-featured web proxy agent (supporting images, JavaScript, Cookies & CSS) and tunnel SMTPs/IMAPs/POP3s, SSH and other services.

MonitoringYou can monitor the running DNS queries and replies, and also the download rate, by means of our nice dynamic vintage VU-meter laying at the top of the Status screen.

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On 28th February 2023

New mobile app from the same developer See our new amazing app for iOS: WiFi Map Explorer

On 31th July 2016

Server and clients are now open-source: GPLv3 Explore the source tree on GitHub

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